Annual Report

Annual Progress Report: 2011-2012

Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

HNB Garhwal University,Srinagar (Garhwal)



Name of the School:

Agricultural and Allied Sciences


Name of the Department:

Department of Forestry and Natural Resources


Departmental profile:

a.       Background of the department -


Forestry as a subject was part of teaching programe since the inception of the University, keeping in view the socioeconomic and cultural importance of forests in the Himalaya. In this region, forest and people have co-existed symbiotically through the ages. This was the reason that forestry as curricula was made as a integral part of the university. Except the initial establishment era, the department has spread its dimension in various domain of forestry sector, specifically in the context of hills.


Among the traditional Universities, the Department of Forestry of H.N.B. Garhwal University is exception which offers four years Undergraduate Forestry Degree course spread in eight semesters and two year Postgraduate Forestry Degree course with spread of four semesters since 2003-2004.  Besides this, the department also offers research degree programme in Forestry (Ph.D.).


Over the years, the department though a small entity, has made significant contributions in many thrust areas of forestry viz., Natural Resource Management, Tree Eco-Physiology, Hill Agro Forestry, Forest Ecology and biodiversity, Conservation Ecology, Regeneration Ecology and Tree Seed Technology. Now the focus of the Department has been broadened with the inclusion of some other thrust areas such as Ecosystem Goods and Services; Forestry and Climate Change and REDD+.


Based on the contributions of the Department in research and academics, various national organization has provided financial support for research and development to the department. Moreover, for strengthening the department, continuous financial support is being provided by Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education (ICFRE), Dehradun since 1995. The importance of academic contribution of the department has also been recognized by DST-FIST in 2007, which has further supported and assisted in strengthening of the department.


The department has dedicated building with spread of 2376.33 m2 area inclusive the 1300.00 m2 area dedicated to laboratories. The department has library with access to latest editions of books, and national and international journals. The department is well equipped with latest computer labs with internet facilities and analytical software including SPSS, ARCGIS, ERDAS, GIS and RS facilities. The department has its own boy’s hostel with accommodation facility for 53 students.


At present the department has 09 teaching staff viz 01 Professor, 02 Associate Professors, and 06 Assistant Professors with all possessing D. Phil, besides supporting staffs such as 01 Laboratory Assistant, 01 Lab Bearer, 01 Office Assistant, 01 Driver and 04 nursery staff. One faculty member has been awarded by Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education for outstanding contribution to research in the field of Forest (Silviculture) Research for the year 1998-99.


More than 20 scholars from this department have been awarded D. Phil degree in Forestry by the University. Three scholars were selected as Scientist by Agriculture Research Scientist Board (ICAR) and more than 08 scholars have qualified National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), New Delhi. The students of the department have also been selected as forestry professionals in many prestigious Government Institutes, Universities, Private sectors and Non Governmental organizations.


The faculty members of the department have the distinction of having completed 18 major research projects sponsored by various agencies such as MNES, New Delhi; MoEF, New Delhi; DST, New Delhi; CSIR, New Delhi; ICAR, New Delhi; MRD, New Delhi; MoA, New Delhi; ICFRE, Dehradun and GBPHIED, Almora. The department has also completed 11 Consultancy projects on issues such as Tree regeneration survey, Environment Impact Assessment & Environment Management Plan and Socio Economic studies for Hydropower projects against the requirement of agencies such as U.P. Forest Department, Lucknow; NHPC, Faridabad; NTPC, NOIDA; SJVNL, Shimla and UJVNL Dehradun, respectively.


The department has organized one International seminar, one symposia, four national workshops and two training workshops. Participation in International and National seminars/symposia/ conferences by faculty members is a regular phenomenon. The faculty of the department has published more than 250 Research papers/articles in the National and International Journals.


Beside teaching, research and consultancy works, the department has also been engaged in field extension programs related to forestry. The department has developed 01 ha nursery in University campus at Chauras, plantation models in about 200 ha of community/ private land and conducted 24 environmental awareness camps in remote areas of Uttarakhand.


Department has also initiated International collaboration for Natural Resource studies and Teaching and Research exchange programme with ICRAF, South Asia, New Delhi. Memorandum of understanding for exchange of faculty and students and for undertaking joint research projects are under consideration with some other national and international institutes/ universities.


b.      Faculty Details






Dr. N.P. Todaria


Professor and Head


·     Agroforestry,

·     Tree Ecophysiology,

·     Resource Management,

·     Environmental Impact Assessment


Dr. A.K. Negi


Associate Professor


·     Tree Seed Technology,

·     Silviculture,

·     Nursery Technology

·     Biodiversity


Dr Rajiv Pandey

Associate Professor

·     Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

·     REDD+,

·     Valuation of Ecosystem Goods and Services

·     Social Impact Assessment

·     Research Methodology


Dr. D.S. Chauhan


Assistant Professor


·     Natural Resource Management

·     Agroforestry

·     Forest Ecology


Dr. B. P. Chamola


Assistant Professor


·     Mycology

·     Plant Pathology

·     Microbial biotechnology


Dr. Munesh Kumar


Assistant Professor


·     Forest Ecology

·     Disturbance Ecology

·     Soil Carbon

·     Ethonoboatny


Dr. Sabyasachi Dasgupta


Assistant Professor


·     Conservation Ecology

·     Forest mensuration / Biometry

·     Wildlife ecology

·     Environmental Impact Assessment

·     Social Impact Assessment


Dr. S.S. Phartyal


Assistant Professor


·     Seed Eco-physiology,

·     Soil Seed Bank Ecology,

·     Seed germplasm conservation






(a)    Research paper Published (In following pattern)

1.      Pala, N.A., Bhat, J.A., Negi, A.K., Dasgupta, S. and Todaria, N.P. (2011). Ecological and economic impact of river based recreation in River Ganga. World Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 7(4): 375-382.

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(b)   Book Published  (In following pattern)


(I)                Text Book

(II)             Reference Book

(III)          Department Book

(IV)          Edited Book


Gokhle, Y and Negi, A.K. (2011), Community based Biodiversity Conservation. TERI New Delhi. ISBN 978-81-7993-403-6.




Seminar/Conference/Workshop/Symposia/Training/Course etc


(a)    Attended/Participated -      National -  1        International – 1


Dr B P Chamola attended a International Conference on “International Algal Summit – 2012; 21-22 February, 2012, New Delhi, India.


Dr. Sabyasachi Dasgupta participated in a National seminar on resource environment and development of the Indian Himalaya: Issues and strategies for Sustainable Development. Department of Geography, HNB Garhwal University ( A Central University) with a lead paper “Conservation status of Indian Himalaya.”



(I)                Presented paper – 1


Dr S. S. Phartyal participated and presented poster in  ‘National Conference on Environment and Biodiversity of India’ organized by North East Centre for Environmental Education and Research (NECEER), Imphal at Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi from  30th – 31st December 2011.



(II)             Participated as an expert/Resource person - 1


Dr S.S. Phartyal, Assistant Professor has been appointed as chairperson for ‘National Conference on Environment and Biodiversity of India’ organized by North East Centre for Environmental Education and Research (NECEER), Imphal at Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi from  30th – 31st December 2011.


(b) Organized -                       National -                            International –



6.      Research Project- Ongoing/Completed (2011-2012).


Title of Project

Sponsoring agency



Research Projects




“Conservation and sustainable development of Dwarf bamboo in the Garhwal Himalaya”.

National Bamboo Mission, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, New Delhi




Dr. Sabyasachi Dasgupta


Dr. N.P. Todaria




. “Predator People Conflict in the mountainous landscapes of the Alaknanda valley in Garhwal Himalaya”


U-COST,  Govt. of Uttarakhand



Dr. Sabyasachi Dasgupta


Dr. N.P. Todaria

2011 to 2014

Soil seed bank and post-fire regeneration ecology of Pine forest in Garhwal Himalaya 

University Grant Commission, New Delhi




Dr S S Phartyal, &

Dr N P Todaria, Co-PI





Review of interim progress report “Cumulative Impacts of Hydroelectric projects on aquatic and Terristrial Biodiversity in Alaknanda and Bhagirathi Basins Uttarakhand” prepared by WII.

GMR Energy Ltd.



Dr. Sabyasachi Dasgupta (Coordinator)





Environmental impact assessment of Assiganga III SHP

Uttaranchal Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd. (UJVNL) , Dehradun



Dr. Sabyasachi Dasgupta (Coordinator)



7.      Any other achievements of the department (Survey, Class Study, Extention work, community services, Awards etc.)

Dr S.S. Phartyal, Assistant Professor has been appointed as a member of international editorial board for journals

Ø  International Journal of Agronomy’ Hindawi Publishing Corporation, USA. (

Ø  The Scientific World JOURNAL (TSWJ)’ - Agronomy Section. (


Dr S.S. Phartyal, Assistant Professor has been selected as a reviewer for Annals of Botany, American Journal of Botany, Australian Journal of Botany, Botany (formally Can.  J. Botany), HortScience, The American Midland Naturalist. 

Dr D.S. Chauhan, Assistant Professor acted as Assistant Controller of Examination (University Main Exam), HNBGU-2011.

Ph.D. awarded to schloars

1.      Sunil Bhatt (2011) - Population structure and regeneration status in relation to different disturbance level along altitudinal gradient in natural oak forest of Garhwal Himalaya. (Supervisor – Dr D. S. Chauhan)

2.      B.S. Negi (2012) - Comparative study of Van Panchayat and Reserve forests in relation to plant diversity status in Garhwal Himalaya. (Supervisor – Dr D. S. Chauhan)